Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video


So, you’ve finally posted your very first YouTube video – congrats!

Now, you must be anxiously waiting for people to discover and watch it – and of course, for people to like and subscribe.

But, while you can view a list of your most recent subscribers on the channel dashboard, you must be wondering: Can you see who liked your YouTube video?

Keep reading to find out!

Can You See Who Liked Your YouTube Video

When you post a video on YouTube, you naturally want people to watch and like it, right? But, when you start getting likes, you must be curious as to who those people are.

Now, if you’re wondering if you can see who clicked that like button, here’s the answer: No, you can’t.

Seeing who liked your video can provide you with crucial information about the demographic your videos are reaching.

Is it your target audience?

Did someone unexpected like your video?

But, the truth is, you can’t see who liked your YouTube video.

YouTube hides the identity of users who like or dislike your videos to protect the privacy and safety of individual users. You won’t see who liked your video or disliked a comment.

However, you do have access to analytics. You can see the demographic of users who liked your video.

You won’t know if your crush or your coworkers liked your video. Still, you can find out which geographic region has discovered your content.

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