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With YouTubers seemingly coming out of nowhere day by day, it can be difficult to tell who’s who. It can also be difficult to find YouTubers who actually produce the content that you want.

Well, if you’ve heard about Simon Parkes and are interested in learning more about him and the content he produces, keep reading!

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Who is Simon Parkes – YouTube?

If you’re interested in extraterrestrial life, UFOs, and space in general, Simon Parkes is your guy!

Simon Parks is a former British lawmaker and politician working from Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, who believes in the existence of racial aliens and UFOs. He is known for his own claims about life in space.

Aside from his videos about racial aliens and UFOs, he also posts political commentary videos, current news updates, and more.

Simon is also the founder and supporter of Connecting Consciousness – a grassroots organization where people join who recognize, that the development on this planet is not always aligned with the benefit of mankind, and that global events are also embedded into other contexts than they are generally presented, and that the forces acting behind the visible level often have more dimensions than are superficially apparent. With over 647,000 followers, 193 videos, and a total of 22 million views on his videos (as of the time of writing), Simon is definitely a YouTuber to check out!

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