How to Get 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube Bitlife


Getting millions of subscribers on YouTube can be challenging, but it’s NOT impossible.

Learn how to get 10 million subscribers on YouTube Bitlife!

How to Become A Famous Youtuber In BitLife

If you haven’t downloaded BitLife, the iOS and Android life simulator from Candywriter, then it’s probably time for you to do so right now.

This game has become much bigger and better than we ever thought it would, with the many updates that have expanded its features in so many ways.

Previously, BitLife’s in-game social media system was very ordinary — create a singular social media account that you can maintain all throughout, with the option to submit a general post and no way to get an unreal number of followers aside from becoming famous in the show business, politics, or as a writer.

But, with the new update, the 5 most important social media networks in the real world are now available, and they come under their actual names — Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

So, how do you become famous on YouTube Bitlife?

Before you can make a viral video and get millions of subscribers, you must first have a YouTube channel.

As far as getting viral is concerned, you need to consistently post videos for that.

Getting viral is the key to reaching that 10 million mark, as you might not be able to get that without some viral videos. You can buy only 5,000 subscribers at a maximum, and it’d take a lot to reach 10 million that way. There is a bit of luck involved in all this, but if you are consistent and if you continue to produce quality content, it shouldn’t be that hard to complete the challenge.

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