What Does PMV Stand for On YouTube?


With so many acronyms floating around in the online world, you might sometimes feel overwhelmed.

For instance, if you’ve ever come across the acronym ‘PMV’ on videos, you must be curious as to what it stands for.

So, what does PMV stand for on YouTube? Find out here!

What Does PMV Stand for On YouTube?

The PMV acronym has multiple meanings based on context and site usage.

Generally, it is a term used for unofficial, themed music videos made for a song.

Similar to the ‘A’ in AMV (Anime/Animated Music Video), the ‘P’ in PMV describes the designed theme for the music video.

PMV may stand for:

  • Picture Music Video. Uses still images in a slideshow format or stylized lyrics to accompany the music.
  • Pony Music Video. Made with scenes from the My Little Pony series.
  • Porn(ographic) Music Video. Utilizing visuals and audio from various adult resources.

An internet slang abbreviation, PMVs are created by using still drawings to portray a story. Some Picture Music Videos contain lyrics to a song used in the video.

Picture Music Videos can be found on the popular video website YouTube.

People usually make PMVs containing characters from their favorite TV shows, movies, books, and video games.

Some artists will even use characters of their own.

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