Users Guide: How to Tag Someone on Twitter


So, you want to post something on Twitter and you want your friend to see it too because you think they would enjoy it as well.

The solution? Tag them! By tagging them, you can ensure that they would see the post as well.

The question is: How to tag someone on Twitter? Find out here.

How to Tag Someone on Twitter

There are different ways to tag your friends on your Twitter posts or photos. Here’s how.

How to Tag Users on Twitter

To get someone’s attention on Twitter witter, you can simply include their handle in a tweet with an @ symbol preceding it (i.e. @user).

When you include someone’s handle into one of your tweets, you are essentially tagging them.

Note: This affects your character count in the Tweet.

How to Tag People in Your Twitter Photos

  • Open the Twitter app on your device
  • Tap on the Tweet button
  • Add an image from your gallery
  • Tap on the “Who’s in this photo?” option
  • Search for an account to tag in your picture
  • Tweet it!

Tagging someone is a fun way to catch your friends’ attention and keep the conversation going!

Once they reply, you can easily like their Tweets (learn how to hide your likes on Twitter if you don’t want others to see them) or take a screenshot.

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