What is TMZ Baltimore Maggots Video Twitter


Have you heard of that “maggots video”? If you’re asking, “What is TMZ Baltimore Maggots video Twitter,” you’re in the right place as we talk all about it in this article!

What Is TMZ Baltimore Maggots Video Twitter

The TMZ Baltimore Maggots video was submitted by a Twitter user with the username @Santosogerio, and for a time, it was trending on the internet.

The video has been taken down now, but in the 71-second video, a woman is shown with maggots coming out of her private area.

This captured the attention of many internet users and has sparked a lot of conversations on Twitter and other social media platforms, with people commenting things like:

“How does this happen?????? What kind of horrible illness causes this or can you get from this!!!??? What the actual F* and WHY is this going viral online!? Sick F* society.” – IR

“Fr I been trying to find the link supposedly a women has maggots in her V.” – LK

“That’s absolutely fucking disgusting. Wish I never clicked the link. pukes” – G

“Its some kind of freaky kink thing. They’re definitely both alive and added the maggots for sensation.” – Kenna 

Note that this topic is quite NSFW and can be very disturbing. Watch the videos at your own risk. 

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