How Will They Know TikTok – Where Did It Come From?


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Where did the How Will They Know TikTok or Nobody’s Gonna Know TikTok Audio come from?

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Before TikTok became the number one platform for viral dance trends and memes, Vine was the place to be. But in October 2016, the app saw its demise (via The Verge) and its creators migrated to other platforms.

TikTok eventually filled that void and has since become the place where viral audio-centric memes have taken force. One soundbite that has total Vine energy is the “nobody’s gonna know” audio, which you must’ve heard at least once by now even if you aren’t that active on the app.

Funnily enough, the “nobody’s gonna know” audio clip actually came from the app itself. The sound originates from TikTok user @cgleason22.

Now with over 1.3 million likes and 34.6k shares, skit comedian Chris Gleason uploaded a video in 2020 with the caption: “me debating myself on whether or not I should make a fake account just to post comments on my videos”.

Watching the video, you’ll also notice the backing music – a soundbite taken from the American reality show “Bad Girls Club,” which makes Gleason’s argument with himself even more dramatic than it already is.

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