What Does ABO Mean on TikTok?


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So, what does ABO mean on TikTok?

Discover the meaning behind this slang word that has garnered over 500 million views!

ABO – a new word on the block that everyone’s using on TikTok. You may have seen it already on the video-sharing app, as the term has gone viral. So, where does it come from and what exactly does it mean?

The popularity of the word ABO, which also refers to “avow” or “abow”, actually started on TikTok thanks to a song. It’s a twist on a little-known rap entitled, “Blow the Whistle” by 810Smoke. In the song, a singer is heard saying, “He told me to throw it back, abow.”

While there were many arguments about its meaning, in the beginning, it is now popularly used to express emotion. Also, according to Urban Dictionary, “abow” got its origin from the Arabic language and it is being used in Sweden and other European countries to express shock; it basically means something like “damn” or “wow”.

Today, there’s even a hashtag for #abo on TikTok which has garnered over 500 million views! Similarly, the #abow hashtag has over 55 million views. What do you think about this latest slang term from TikTok? Is it something you would use?

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