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If you’re an avid TikTok user, you might have seen people posting dance videos while people the When the Sun Goes Down TikTok song in the background. Users are also adding the hashtag #whenthesungoesdown and it has accumulated more than 50 million views on the platform!

But, what exactly is the song about? Who sang it? How did it go viral?

“When the Sun Goes Down” is originally sung by Brooks and Dunn. However, the song that’s currently going viral on TikTok is a remix version made by DJ Noiz. As of now, this remix version has been used for more than 500,000 videos.

For users who don’t know who DJ Noiz is, he is a popular content creator who gained fame mainly for creating remix versions of songs.

This remix version of “When the Sun Goes Down” has also amassed notable popularity. Thousands of video creators have hopped into this latest TikTok trend already. The majority of them are growing on the beat and enjoying the trend to its fullest.

All the dance videos featuring the “When the Sun Goes Down” song has earned thousands of views and hearts. The catchy beat has also attracted several celebrities to be part of this viral challenge.

The “When the Sun Goes Down TikTok Song” has millions of TikTok users groove on its catchy beat.

Have you participated in the trend already?

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