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Where did “even when the sky comes falling TikTok” come from? Keep reading to learn more!

One of the most popular tracks used in TikTok videos in 2021 has been a cover of “Sure Thing” by the musician Miguel.

TikTok users might know the song by the words “even when the sky comes falling.”

It has also been referred to as “when the sun don’t shine,” the “where the sun don’t shine song,” “why does the sun refuse to shine,” and “where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Even When the Sky Comes Falling TikTok Lyrics

The four lines that most commonly appear in the TikTok videos that featured the cover were these:

Even when the sky comes falling

Even when the sun don’t shine

I got faith in you and I

So put your pretty little hand in mine

The cover of even when the sky comes falling TikTok is often used in videos where there’s a sad or heartwarming situation.

The people or animals portrayed in the clips are often deep in their own feelings about a particular subject.

It’s unclear exactly when the cover of the song first became popular.

However, a number of comments claimed that the track was “stolen” from the original creator, who was supposedly never credited.

While the original song was written and sung by the musician known as Miguel, the person singing in the TikTok cover has remained a mystery.

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