How Old Is Jake from That YouTube Family?


So, how old is Jake from That YouTube Family? Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about Jake here – from his age, social media platforms, and more!

There are several families who have come together to form family channels on different social media platforms like YouTube.

One of them is the popular Williams family who joined forces to create the famous YouTube channel known as That YouTub3 Family.

That YouTub3 Family is comprised of the parents – Katie and David and their children – Audrey and Jordan who are the girls, and Jake and Ty – the boys in the family.

Their channel, That YouTub3 Family, is basically a PG family channel on YouTube which creates funny videos that appeal to the sense of humor in the younger generation, especially teenagers but other family members are not excluded from the list.

Jake from That YouTube Family

Jake is one of the boys of That YouTub3 Family. He has joined the family channel, but he also has his own channel which he shares with the other boy in the family, his brother Ty.

Their channel is known as Jake and Ty.

As of writing, Jake and Ty have 790,000 subscribers with over 145 million views! On this channel, the brothers post comedy skits, challenges, and other fun videos.

Their first video to hit two million views was Ultimate Bottle Flip Challenge and over time, some other videos from them have exceeded the view mark of one million like Are You Smarter than a Kindergartner and Bubble Gum Blowing Contest.

How old is Jake? Born on August 5, 2005, Jake is turning 17 years old this year.

Make sure to subscribe to their channel to stay updated with their latest videos!

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