What Is the Fastest Growing Army on YouTube?


With millions of creators on the popular social media platform, you must be wondering: “What is the fastest growing army on YouTube?” The answer: Greg. But, what is ‘Greg’, and who is behind it? Keep reading to learn more!

Greg: The Fastest Growing Army on YouTube

Some YouTubers who have made it big on the platform have an army of fans around the world.

The question is: Who has the fastest growing army – and how did they do it?

When it comes to fast-growing YouTubers, Danny Gonzalez immediately comes to mind. With his fanbase known as “Greg”, Greg is widely known as the fastest growing army on not just YouTube, but on the whole internet.

Who is Danny Gonzalez?

Daniel James Gonzalez is an American YouTuber, musician, and former Viner.

After Vine shut down in 2017, Gonzalez officially moved to YouTube and immediately amassed a large following, making him one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels.

Gonzalez began his career on Vine making six-second comedy sketches. He later participated in Camp Unplug, a 2016 Vine mini-series, during which he met Drew Gooden.

Gonzalez accumulated about 2.9 million Vine followers before the service shut down. In 2014, while still on Vine, he created and started uploading videos to his YouTube channel.

In 2019, he and Drew Gooden headlined the “We are Two Different People” comedy tour with Kurtis Conner as the opener. The tour was named as such due to the similarities between Gooden and Gonzalez, both being self-described “skinny white guys on the internet”.

Gonzalez’s videos are often a commentary on different aspects of Internet culture, criticism of YouTube, B movies, and general cultural criticism; his 2018 Troom Troom reaction videos popularized the channel.

He is known for his criticisms of Jake and Logan Paul and for his commentaries on Musical.ly (later TikTok) stars.  In addition to commentary videos, he is also known for his parody music. Gonzalez calls his fanbase “Greg”. As of writing, Gonzalez has over 5.3 million followers and a total of over 1 billion views on his videos.

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