What Does AVOW Mean Tiktok?


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What does avow mean TikTok?

This slang term is going viral on TikTok and people are wondering exactly what it means.

The term “avow” is becoming increasingly popular on TikTok; it’s not being used on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it is broadly used by TikTok users.

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But, what exactly does it mean?

Apparently, the word “avow” or “abow” is used to express shock or excitement, with some saying it’s similar to “wow” or “damn” in English. The word “avow” or “abow”  gained widespread popularity on TikTok due to a particular song, “Throw It Back” by artists ShantiiP and TarioP on TikTok, where the artists sing, “he told me to throw it back, abow.” When replaced with “wow” or “damn”, abow makes sense in this instance.

Several TikTokers are also backing this possible definition with comments on videos with the hashtag #abow, saying, “It’s an Arabic way of saying “wow” or “damnnn”, although it’s said differently in Arabic – it sounds more like UBAHHH, than abow.”

Since then, the slang word has gone incredibly viral on the platform and the hashtag is racked up many views, reaching over 500 million. What do you think about this latest slang word from TikTok?

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