Slang Explained: What Does Peg Mean TikTok?


Peg – a word that you might have seen floating around online.

But, what does peg mean TikTok?

What does peg mean on TikTok?

The meaning of “peg” on TikTok is the same as what it means outside of the social media world.

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“Peg” comes from the word “pegging”, and in SFW (safe for work) terms, it’s when women “take charge” of men when couples get intimate.

On TikTok, users are promoting #PegAllMen not to persuade all girls to “peg” their boyfriends, but trying to go against the patriarchy and prove that women are just as capable of whatever men can do, whether it’s in or outside the bedroom.

How did this trend start?

The movement started when a user (who has asked not to be named) posted a TikTok in April 2020, complaining about the disrespectful DM’s she had been receiving.

She puts the senders in their place by claiming she will do the same to them because they are “within pegging distance”.

The teen from Chicago has now started this movement and it’s not just girls that have hopped on the bandwagon, some men have too.

What do you think about this trend?

Is it something you’d support?

Let us know!

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