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What does W mean on TikTok? Is it a good thing or a bad thing when someone comments “W” on your TikTok videos?

Keep reading to find out!

TikTok is the source of all sorts of hacks, trends, abbreviations, and acronyms – and among those many popular, yet confusing trends is the letter “W”.

But, what exactly does it mean?

When a fellow TikToker comments with a “W”, or when somebody uses it in a video, it usually means “Win” – as in that TikToker is winning an argument, is winning at life, or is just generally in a good mood.

On the other hand, you might also notice some users writing “L”, which means “Lose”. TikTok users write “L” to signal that they’re a “Loser” or that they’re “Losing” at something – be it an argument, life, or that they are just feeling down.

The use of “W” is not limited to TikTok. You will also find people using it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Also, W is also a popular term in sports and gaming.

When someone simply puts a “W” in the comment section, it means they’re saying “Win” or congratulating someone on their success.

Do you frequently use “W” on your TikTok videos too?

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