What Is May 2nd TikTok?


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What is May 2nd TikTok?

If you’re curious or even creeped out by all the May 2nd TikTok videos you’ve been seeing lately, you’re certainly not alone.

People are posting eerie TikTok videos — uploading creepy images of anime characters and hashtagging #may2nd — and commenters on these videos are begging for answers.

The tag itself has garnered over 3 million views, and the videos themselves often follow a similar format: they tend to show just the date and pictures from the anime Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun (TBHK) while creepy music plays in the background.

With the videos giving off a creepy vibe, a lot of users have understandably felt a little creeped out about what the videos might mean.

With 24 April going viral for more ominous reasons, it is understandable why TikTok users might be feeling worried – but the May 2nd trend is nothing to worry about.

Basically, fans of TBHK are trying to make May 2 the day that they ‘take over’ TikTok with content about the anime – and given the way the creepy videos have attracted attention, it looks like they’ve definitely succeeded with that goal!

Many people from the TBHK fandom refer to themselves as TikTok’s latest ‘cult’ – a trend where fans of a celebrity or meme will change their profile picture so that other members of the ‘cult’ can identify them and follow them back.

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