What is The Leg Video on Twitter


Have you heard of the “leg video” that’s gone viral on social media platforms? If you’re wondering, “What is the leg video on Twitter” keep reading to find out!

What is the Leg Video on Twitter?

The “leg video,” also known as the “leg and head video,” is a 1-minute and 12-second clip that was posted on the @PerverseFamily Twitter.

For context, the Perverse Family is a pornography and fetish series that features a family — and the popular clip in question is a gruesome and terrifying recording of their sexual acts.

Now if you’re wondering why people are referring to it as the “leg video,” that’s because a leg was shown being put somewhere that it should never go.

A person’s head was also put in a very unforgiving place, which is why some people may also refer to it by that name.

Here’s what people are saying about it on Twitter:

“Just watched the head and leg video that tiktoks been talking about…..yea should’ve just minded my own business..”Manii

“EW I JUST WATCHED THE LEG AND HEAD VIDEO PPL WERE TALKING ABOUT ON TIK TOK AND I WANT TO CRY. WHAT WAS THAT!???? If Jesus is real this is proof he will not be coming back. y’all are beyond saving in any way shape or form 😭 Alex 

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