Why Were Cornflakes Invented TikTok


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Why were cornflakes invented TikTok?

Many TikTokers are Googling left and right as to the “real” reason why Corn Flakes were invented in the first place.

Do you love Kellogg’s Corn Flakes?

At some point, you may have wondered how it came about.

Well, TikTok has recently gone crazy after finding out the real reason why this tasty cereal was invented.

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Apparently, cornflakes were invented to curb sexual desire – their bland and sugarless taste (which is no longer the case today as the cereal comes in a variety of flavors), was believed to support a lower sex drive.

“The creator of Corn Flakes was a huge believer in abstinence and spent a considerable amount of time coming up with foods that would blunt sexual urges,” Harju-Westman, in-house nutritionist at health app Lifesum previously said in an interview.

The original low-sugar recipe of cornflakes supported Kellogg’s apparent wish to help limit libido and was intended to curb other related “symptoms” of sexual urges, such as acne, stiff joints, mood swings, and more.

However, despite Kellogg’s intentions to lower people’s libidos, cornflakes were never formally advertised to help people abstain from sexual activity.

In fact, they were better known as healthy breakfast food than anything else. What do you think about the reason behind the invention of cornflakes?

It’s no wonder TikTok has gone crazy over it!

Here are some of the videos that went viral.


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