What Does Jordan Mean on TikTok?


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If you’re an avid TikTok user, you must have seen this slang word floating around.

But, what does Jordan mean on TikTok?

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Meaning Behind the Word “Jordan” on TikTok

The word “Jordan” is being used on TikTok as a substitute for the N-slur.

It started when TikToker, Jordan Da Boo, told his followers that he would be starting the “biggest inside joke on social media.”

In a now-deleted video, he said via subtitles: “Today is the big day y’all have been waiting for, today is the day we make the biggest inside joke on social media. And the inside joke is… instead of using the n-word use the word Jordan.”

However, many TikTok users were not happy with this term and have taken to Twitter to report that the word had been commented on several black users’ TikTok accounts.

One user tweeted: “Ew white people on TikTok are replacing the n-word with ‘Jordan’ and commenting it on black people’s TikToks?”

Along with the video’s deletion, the comments were scrubbed too.

Who is Jordan Da Boo?

Jordan Da Boo is a verified TikToker who is quickly growing in popularity on the app.

The 17-year old, whose real name is Jordan Owens, has over 1.2 million followers, while his videos have amassed 55.2M million likes in total (at the time of writing).

Jordan is popularly known for comedy skits and lip-sync videos on his TikTok.

So far, it remains unclear what will happen to the “Jordan” inside joke and if it has truly died off.

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