What Is the Starburst Trend TikTok?


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TikTok is full of strange trends and unlikely crazes, and the latest incarnation of these involves a much-loved candy: Starbursts. But, what is the Startbust trend TikTok?

What is the Starburst Trend on Tiktok Challenge?

Basically, the Starburst Challenge involves people kissing with the candy in their mouths.

It was started by TikTok user, @saraballinnn.

She shared a video of herself miming along to a song with text overlaying the footage which read: “making out after eating Starbursts >>”.

Basically, the trend is meant to prove that kissing or making out tastes better after eating a bunch of Starbursts.

The trend also uses Tion Wayne & Russ Millions’ popular “Body (Remix)” track as the sound.

The video has now been stitched and duet’ed thousands of times by couples attempting to see if it’s actually true – does making out after eating Starbursts actually improve the kiss?

Some people who have tried the challenge agreed that it added a “little kick to their kisses”, while others gave it a thumbs down.

No word on which flavors work and taste the best yet – orange and strawberry seem like winners based on the videos, though.

Guess it just depends on your personal preference.

Is this a challenge you’d like to try with your partner?

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