What Does OBO Mean on Facebook


So, you’re scrolling through Facebook Marketplace looking to buy a particular item when you come across the term “OBO”.

You see it a lot, but you’re not sure exactly what it is. So, what does OBO mean on Facebook?

What Does OBO Mean on Facebook?

On Facebook, OBO is short for “or best offer”. Basically, this means that the seller will sell their product for x price or the best offer they receive for it, typically meaning multiple people are interested in the product(s). This also means that the seller is willing to negotiate the price.

The top offer is usually referred to as OBO. As the acronym implies, sellers describe their willingness to price outside of their initial request. It is usually added to the end of the listed price in places like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Here’s an example: A seller posts an item and lists the price as $20 OBO. This means that the seller is willing to negotiate – they will accept the higher bid or whatever the best offer is. 

Knowing the meaning behind OBO will help you make better deals when trying to buy something on Facebook Marketplace. By knowing the meaning behind this term, you’ll be able to make deals with all the knowledge you need.

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