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What Does TBF Mean on Facebook

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With so many slang terms on Facebook, it can be pretty hard to keep up and understand what anyone’s saying. For example, what does TBF mean on Facebook? Maybe you’ve been seeing it a lot, or maybe some of your friends are saying it to you.

Whatever the case, keep reading to find out what it means.

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What Does TBF Mean on Facebook?

TBF is an internet slang phrase that means “to be fair”. This phrase expresses a view that considers aspects of a situation before judging. Playing the advocate or disagreeing with someone might both call for the use of this idiom.

For example: In response to someone saying, “My mom grounded me,” you could reply, “TBF, you did break your curfew so it’s understandable your mom grounded you.”

TBF can also stand for a variety of different things. However, these interpretations are less popular than the slang term “to be fair.” Here are some other meanings behind TBF:

  • Taken by Force
  • Total Body Fat
  • Taco Bar Friday
  • Three Bags Full
  • Turbo Boost Function
  • The Billfish Foundation
  • Thermal Balance Fixture
  • Temporary Block Flood
  • The Budget Fashionista
  • Tick-Borne Fever

To avoid confusion, make sure the context is clear before using one of these other definitions. After all, you don’t want someone to assume you meant “to be fair” when you meant “taken by force”.

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