Why Does A Person Disappear from People You May Know on Facebook


Why does a person disappear from People You May Know on Facebook? Find the answer here!

“People You May Know” is a feature on Facebook. Basically, it shows you a list of users’ profiles belonging to people that Facebook’s data-mining algorithm thinks you may actually know – whether digitally or in real life – and therefore may want to connect with.

Facebook determines who “you may know” based on the networks you’re a part of, the mutual friends you have, the contact numbers on your smartphone/devices, and the Pages and Groups you’re a part of on Facebook. You’ll likely have come across the “People you may know” list in your News Feed.

However, sometimes, people you see on that list often seem to ‘disappear’ from it. Why?

Why Does A Person Disappear from People You May Know on Facebook?

Here are some reasons why people may ‘disappear’ from the “People You May Know” list.

  • List Refresh. Sometimes, they actually haven’t ‘disappeared’, rather, the list was just refreshed. Since we most often see this list in our News Feed in a horizontal scroll bar, we usually only see a handful of ‘people we may know’ at a time. If you think someone’s disappeared, then you can always expand the list to see it in full, and double-check.
  • Your Interests/Mutual Contacts Have Changed. The most likely reason that someone might have actually disappeared from the “People you may know” list is simply that Facebook no longer thinks you might know them, or maybe that they would no longer be of interest to you.

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