Does Facebook Notify When You Save A Photo


So, you want to save a family member’s, friend’s, or significant other’s picture on your phone. Or, maybe there’s someone you idolize and you want to have a commemorative photo of them saved. Whatever the case, you must be wondering: Does Facebook notify when you save a photo?

Here’s the answer!

Does Facebook Notify When You Save A Photo?

On Facebook, the option to “Download Images” was introduced a few years ago. Basically, you can download an image just by going to the photo and clicking on “Options” in the bottom right corner or on the three dots on the top right in the app.

Just like Instagram and taking screenshots of posts there, there’s this misconception that if you download an image that someone has uploaded they might get a notification from it. You can rest assured that the Facebook user will NOT be notified if you download an image they’ve uploaded.

As long as the image is public or available with the privacy settings the person has then you can download it without the person being notified about it. Facebook doesn’t notify people if their photos have been saved. However, they are notified when you leave a reaction, comment or if you shared the post.

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